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Do you want a wide variety of classic and modern guitar  tones with convenient to use effects? How about choosing your sound from over 32 different critically acclaimed amp models? What if all of this came in a package that would fit in your glove compartment?

Now you can have it with the Line 6 POD. Since its introduction a year ago, POD has changed the way musicians create, record, and perform by delivering great guitar tones direct. How does it work? Line 6 uses physical modeling to capture the tone and feel of speaker cabinets, microphones, and studio room characteristics. Ah, science.

I use the POD to record and on various jobs in the local area, and it
never gives me any trouble. I can program it to make it easier for myself while playing, and it allows me to change my sound with one click. I would recommend it for any guitar player who wants to experiment with different tones and effects or just wants a change from their own tried but true 'analog' amp.

Amp Models

32 , customizable


Digital Effects



Factory/ User Presets



Headphone & Direct Out

1/4 inch TRS





Mono/ Stereo





Just so you don't feel left out, the Remote pedal input is fully compatible with the Line 6 Floor Board and FB4 foot controllers, which add:

  • Remote access to all channels and tap tempo
  • Chromatic tuner access (Floor Board only)
  • Wah and volume pedals (Floor Board only)
  • Stomp Box-style effects on/off (Floor Board only)

Right now Line 6 is running a $100 rebate on their POD so you end up spending less than $250.00. Come into the store and pick up a Pod and get cash back from Line6. The offer is good up until August 31st.

-Jason, Guitar Department